Finally, a president in Washington


To the editor:

It is most appalling that Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge Joe Biden as the president-elect and Kamala Harris as the vice president-elect.

The numbers are overwhelming. Biden won the popular vote and the Electoral College vote. He got more votes than Trump did against Hillary Clinton in 2016 when she graciously conceded to him. Yet here he is, like a deranged toddler, saying he won the election, and there was widespread fraud and “shenanigans” against him.

The experts at the Department of Homeland Security saying this was the most “secure” election in history has not dissuaded him from sulking and filing frivolous lawsuits — a number of which he has lost, as of this writing.

I was anxious at the thought that I would have to live through four more years of hell. Four more years of hate, lies obfuscation and contempt for a segment of the population that looks like me.

I was over the moon when Biden and Harris won. How presidential Joe Biden looks. When he spoke of one America, it touched my soul. I knew then that we will have compassion, love and a president again in the White House.

And that Joe Biden will garner the forces necessary to do the work that will defeat COVID-19.

Pauline Binder

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Pauline Binder,