Fisticuffs ends in pairs of matching handcuffs


An argument at a cash register inside of Garden Gourmet at 5665 Broadway ended up creating problems for both a store employee and a patron.

The customer was checking out on the morning of June 16 when something happened that got both women yelling at each other, police said.

The customer reportedly threw a cup of yogurt at the cashier, then picked up one of the small plastic barriers used to separate customers’ groceries and hit the employee in the forehead.

In an apparent attempt to defend herself, police said, the cashier picked up another of the plastic sticks and threw it back at the customer.

Both the 55-year-old cashier, and the 19-year-old customer were arrested for assault.


Bringing a knife to a knife fight

It was broad daylight when a man walking near Reservoir Avenue and West 197th Street started arguing with another man.

That June 17 fight turned physical, police said, with one man pulling out a knife and stabbing the victim repeatedly in his right thigh and torso.

The 34-year-old was taken to the hospital with non-fatal injuries, but the knife-wielder was able to get away.

A witness described the perpetrator to police as a Black or Hispanic man, standing at about 6-foot-3, and weighing 200 pounds.