Get ready for a massive exodus


To the editor:

So here is why these functional Democratic illiterates in the Assembly and state senate, in the long run, have killed the golden goose:

The size of my client base, and that of my colleagues, is far more than anecdotal to say that in addition to the many who we must now service in Palm Beach, Austin, Asheville and elsewhere will have much more company.

The very wealthy — the $5 million-and-over earners — will absolutely not pay usury to New York for the privilege of criminally insane and homeless on the street, emasculation of police, filth, ultra-“wokeness,” and all the detritus with which leftists endow us. As Dennis Prager has often said, “They create nothing; they only destroy everything.”

In addition — this time — since they ensnared those earning $1 million (that’s under $480,000 after deductions), here’s the latest: Those earners have second homes out east and up north. They will reduce their tax load.

They will be documenting their days in New York City, avoiding the statutory ensnarement, staying out of New York City more than 180 days a year, with proof.

They will rid themselves of the 4 percent New York City tax. Net loss to the state? That’s 3 percent.

Not everyone is an idiot. And my firm avoids the new corporate tax, and already saves the shareholders $100 million per year. We are headquartered in Nashville as of three years ago.

Kathy Wylde, chief executive of the Partnership for New York City, warns of an acceleration of headquartering elsewhere for many New York-based corporations.

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld

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Jeffrey Wiesenfeld,