Getting married, without having to physically interact with anyone


Social distancing makes it difficult to have the wedding of a couple's dreams, but it doesn't mean they can't get married at all.

Now couples looking to tie the knot can loop their way through all the red tape, without having to leave home. It only took a marriage of a different sort — one between the city clerk's office and the city's information and telecommunications department.

"Coronavirus has changed the world in so many ways, but our ability to love and commit to each other hasn't wavered," city council Speaker Corey Johnson said, in a release. "Now couples ready to marry don't have to wait for the pandemic to end to say 'I do.' We deserve some good news, and this is definitely wonderful news for all of New York City."

Couples looking to get married must still obtain a marriage license from the state. However, prior to an executive order signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, getting that license required an in-person visit with the clerk's office.  Now couples can virtually schedule and attend an appointment with the city clerk, securely upload documents needed for the license, and then upload the signed license for submission to the city clerk once the ceremony is complete.

"We need moments of joy now more than ever, and we won't let a pandemic get in the way of true love," Mayor Bill de Blasio said, in a release. "To all of the couples looking forward to tying the knot, know that your city is right here with you, throwing rice from afar."

The site will be available in 11 languages once it goes live next week, and a language line will be available to provide on-demand translation services. Couples can electronically pay fees using CityPay.

Although it won't be active until the first full week of May, marriage licenses will be available at, or at

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