Ghoulish gourds guard the garden


Halloween is here, and it will soon be gone. And with it goes the Spooky Pumpkin Garden at the New York Botanical Garden, an annual autumn tradition in the lush green space.

Each year, the garden assembles a fearsome and spookily cheerful army of pumpkin-headed scarecrows, each with a distinct expression — like a child’s drawing come to life. It makes sense then that this phalanx of pumpkins protects the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, where visitors of all ages could find Instagram-ready gourds in all manner of poses.

The space also is home to some of the biggest pumpkins in the world. Alongside the spooky cohort, the garden carves out space for its annual collection of giant pumpkins. The colossi this year range in weight from 1,935 to 2,116 pounds.

While the ghoulish gourds will soon be in the great pumpkin patch in the sky, the Spooky Pumpkin Garden was a
frightfully fun time.

— Julius Constantine Motal