Give a little, get something nice


Many might know Stephanie Coggins for her community activism, especially when it comes to her Spuyten Duyvil neighborhood.

But what many may not know is that Coggins is an avid photographer, and enjoys showcasing the beauty she sees in and around her community.

Coggins is now providing a chance for others to share in those images as well, offering several of her pictures as 5-by-7-inch magnets.

It’s a $15 donation for each magnet. But Coggins is offering them free for every membership someone buys for the Kingsbridge Historical Society, or for every subscription they buy to The Riverdale Press.

Coggins called the effort her unofficial way of supporting an organization and hyperlocal journalism, while also offering something in return.

Historical society memberships are available at, while newspaper subscriptions are available at

Those who join or subscribe can then let Coggins know by sending their address to her, and their choice of magnets.

Available images include the Spuyten Duyvil Metro-North station, the statue of Henry Hudson, and various bridges.

To learn more about what Coggins is offering, visit her social media post at

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