God bless Millie Feeney, a loving friend and member of 'The Girls'


Millie Feeney, a resident of Riverdale since 1958, passed away on Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020. In addition to being a loving wife, mother, grandmother and mother-in-law, she will be remembered by many as a loving friend.

Her friendship circle grew wide and deep — treasured connections of 84 years. Pals from her airline life; Victory and Fordham moms; friends and families of those she assisted as a home health care provider; parishioners from St. Margaret’s guild, school and Monday collection tallying; Sister Amy’s travelers; Leisure Ladies; O’Connor Residence’s volunteers and staff who made her Wednesdays meaningful; Liebig Avenue’s favorite neighbor — cookie baker, mail-getter, and fearless house watcher, once guarding a burglar with her umbrella until the police arrived.

Rounding out her circle of friends are “The Girls,” as she called them — Susan Bear, Joan Irvine, Kathy McGlade, Nancy Rosa and Arnel Tirado — although they were well beyond their girlhoods. For decades, she was a source of strength to each of them. A wise woman. Genuine. Full of grace. An enormous heart, with well-time humor. And with a back porch that they’re glad cannot speak.

The Girls cherished her, an upbeat, generous and uncomplicated soulmate.

One thing all of her friends have in common is that each could always be sure of her. She was never a mystery.

Millie Feeney was the definition of trustworthy, savvy and empathetic. She protected confidences. Her advice was spot on. Her kindnesses were countless and perfectly timed.

Her faith was unyielding. Even when life gave her reason to doubt, she never did. Her prayers were on speed dial to heaven, where The Girls are sure she’s at peace, in the company of many lives she touched with love and made better.

When she got sick, COVID-19 made it impossible to visit. On the phone, the night before she died, barely able to speak, she instructed, “Put out your hand, palm up. Now I’m going to put down the phone and put my hand out, palm down.”

Her spirit prevailed as her body faded. Millie was being Millie, giving her friends, once again, a last act of love.

Millie Feeney,