Green energy has failed so far


To the editor:

To the surprise of many, the European Parliament gave final approval on July 6 to a new policy that will allow some nuclear and natural gas energy projects to qualify as being “green” for access to low-interest loans and some state subsidies.

The new law will include qualifying natural gas and nuclear projects on the EU’s list of environmentally sustainable economic activities — those that will both help solve Europe’s current major energy crisis, and help meet the EU’s climate and energy targets for 2030.

Steward Brandt — lifelong environmentalist, futurist and founder of the Whole Earth Catalog — said a few years ago that without nuclear, we would never be able to power our society and clean up the atmosphere. This was a reversal of his opinion on the matter and a challenge to the theology of the old guard environmental movement.

Unfortunately, his comments and thinking on the issue have received little attention from mainstream media. More recently, the free Michael Moore-produced documentary, “Planet of the Humans,” challenges the notion that so-called green energy is so green and clean.

Apparently the politically correct “narrative” of being anti-tech is more important than reality or scientific fact as concerns both nuclear power and fossil fuels. A crazy mix of willful ignorance and fanatical belief, which is exactly why we are in the environmental and economic tumult were in today.

The world’s most advanced country has neither built a nuclear reactor nor constructed a new oil refinery in more than 50 years. And why would investors do so after the last decade of attacks over regulation and calls for financial divestment from nuclear and fossil fuels by radical environmentalists, universities, some states and federal government?

Fact check: Germany shut down all its nuclear power plants, spent billions on its failed green energy experiment, and allowed themselves to become dependent on Russian gas — all of which now has become disastrous. Now they along with other European nations are burning coal once again, totally opposite of what they wanted to accomplish.

Reality is finally setting in Europe as the fantasy of going totally green meets reality. Without oil and gas how do we power tens of thousands of commercial trucks, 18-wheelers, container ships, tugs, non-electric railroad lines, airplanes, helicopters and farm equipment? How will we produce fertilizer, insecticides lubricants, plastics, many chemicals and even clothing materials?

Fact is, a totally green, renewable economy is still decades away. Now if only the environmentalists and this administration would finally admit the truth and adjust to the reality of our current situation.

We should and must follow the pragmatic leadership of the EU and seriously rethink, debate and reform our national energy policies. Gen X slogans, platitudes, cancel culture and mindless demonstrations will never solve the serious problems now facing our country.

Lou DeHolczer

EDITOR’S NOTE: The United States has built a number of oil refineries in the past 50 years, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, including one that opened in Galveston, Texas, earlier this year.