Here is a new SUNY route for becoming a Jasper

Manhattan College partners with SUNY Westchester for transfers


Manhattan College reached a milestone recently as it agreed to give students with an associate’s degree from SUNY Westchester Community College a guarantee to become a Jasper entering their junior year.

Westchester community college students graduate every year from Manhattan but they had to do it on their own merit, said William Clyde, Manhattan College’s executive vice president and provost. But now more will come after both schools signed an articulation agreement on Feb. 23 to promote degree completion, facilitate the transfer process, and enroll into junior standing with a maximum of 60 credits.

“Before they even set foot on the Westchester campus to pursue their associate’s degree, they will be valued and welcomed at the Manhattan College campus,” Clyde said. “Westchester graduates are well prepared academically as strong candidates for admission.”

Westchester CC students who graduate with a minimum 2.5-grade point average will be guaranteed admission into Manhattan.

Scholarships are also available for Westchester CC students to take advantage of institutional merit-based aid to encourage students to complete both degrees.

Students who earn a 3.0 grade-point average and are full-time will be considered for this aid.

Westchester students who have already begun their studies in another college can still do so as a “reverse transfer.”

“When I think about Manhattan College and its 170-year history (including being in Manhattan) when educating students in the Bronx probably the aspect that comes most to mind is that of community and working together,” said Manhattan president Brother Daniel Gardner.

“Community is all about collaboration, and hopefully through this larger collaboration between our two institutions we will take plenty of (eligible) students from Westchester community college and make that group much larger as we move forward.”


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