Here's why leftists are 'woke'


To the editor:

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was more embarrassing than Vietnam. It was much more chaotic, left thousands behind, caused the death of 13 American soldiers, abandoned a large important airbase, and $80 billion of military equipment. Afghanistan is now one of the largest arms in dealers in that area of the world.

Our national borders are totally out of control with massive numbers of illegal alien strangers now living in our country. New York City has about 50,000 — the costs of care going from an estimate of $2 billion to $4 billion to care for.

Strange that with all the problems facing our own poor citizens as concerns public housing, health and welfare benefits, the left is more concerned about illegal aliens. And never forget we were never given the right to vote on whether “we the people of New York City” wanted to become a “sanctuary city” with all the social and financial obligations implied.

Both the Fed and FDIC have proved to be total incompetent in regulating the banking sector with three banks going down — First Federal the second-largest failure in U.S. history! Two of three from California, that state along with Texas being at the forefront of the 1989 savings and loan crisis of that time.

With echoes of the horrible 2008 financial crisis. As the song says, when will they ever learn?

Our energy policies are totally unrealistic and are the major cause of our economic instability and inflation. The so called Green New Deal is neither very green or economically viable. Look up all the products made from oil and energy produced by natural gas. Even Warren Buffet knows that we will be using oil for at least the next half century, if not more.

And what about rest of the world? The result of this ridiculous war on fossil fuels being the largest inflation rates since the Jimmy Carter presidency.

We have witnessed an unprecedented attack against our U.S. Supreme Court, secret documents exposed and federal laws violated as concerns the intimation of Supreme Court justices at their homes. This being an outright federal offense.

We have seen an unprecedented attack on our police and criminal judicial system. Recently, Mayor Eric Adams suggested that if some local legislators don’t want a police presence in their neighborhoods and patrolling their subway lines, maybe he should remove them.

Wonder how the voters in those districts would react to that suggestion?

This administration has been on slow motion in giving high-tech weapons to Ukraine, are they afraid Putin might not approve? Why, in fact, should we even tell Russia what weapons we are giving Ukraine, don’t recall them telling us about the weapons they gave to North Korea or Vietnam during those wars. Are we setting them and ourselves up for yet another stalemate instead of victory?

Why are we not continuing out efforts to decouple from China? They have become more aggressive, and we’re still pandering to them and their American investors.

When is this administration going to get its head straight on “transsexual men in women’s sports, locker and bathrooms?” And why should my tax dollars via Medicare/Medicaid support cosmetic surgery and hormone treatments as concerns this issue? 

And since we know that the adolescent mind does not become fully developed until 18 years of age we should not allow any of these transitions to be allowed until they reach full adulthood.

And finally, when is the IRS going to investigate what happened to the $90 million in donations to the Black Lives Matter movement? And perhaps instead of hiring 87,000 new IRS agents, how about half that number being employed to patrol our undefended national borders?

And people still wonder why people like me use the word “woke” to describe leftists.

Lou DeHolczer

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