How's the 'right to shelter' going?


To the editor:

Come one, come all.  Welcome to the Big Apple, the sanctuary city and only city in the entire United States with a “right to shelter,” where everyone — including more than 100,000 illegal aliens (courtesy of President “crooked Joe” Biden) are being given free lodging and all kinds of free stuff — at taxpayer expense.

And don’t you dastardly bigots dare complain! After all we’re a nation of immigrants. “Show some compassion,” cries the “Upper West Side, Riverdale Chapter” social justice liberals.

We certainly are a nation of immigrants. But when my mother, as a little girl, and my grandmother legally immigrated to New York City from Lithuania in the early 1900s, there was no welcoming committee. They didn’t get any freebies. They got nothing. They lived on the Lower East Side under horrible conditions, and my mother never finished high school because she had to work as a young teenager. 

And I am sure many of the readers of The Riverdale Press have similar stories.

I, for one, have absolutely no compassion for these illegal aliens, and utter contempt for those “virtuous” compassionate, social justice fools with the halos over their heads.

Alvin Gordon


EDITOR’S NOTE: There is no indication that any of the asylum seekers being shipped to New York City by border state governors are here illegally.

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