It's all same old political games


To the editor:

I got a campaign flyer in the mail from the Eric Dinowitz city council campaign. It promised heaven on earth.

Apparently, he has donned Superman’s cape and can, all by himself, correct all the wrongs and injustices of the municipality.

This same Eric Dinowitz, district leader out of the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club for many years, supported Jeff Klein’s several successful state senator races, even when Klein betrayed Democrats by founding the so-called Independent Democratic Caucus.

The IDC, senate Republicans and Gov. Cuomo together blocked needed legislation, which only began being passed by the newly Democratic-controlled senate with the disappearance of the IDC.

Please do not forget the role of the Ben Franklin Club, and of its male leader, Eric Dinowitz, in those years of legislative retrogression and gross corruption.

We really need a new Democratic club in Riverdale and Kingsbridge. One that isn’t marked by the bullying, betrayal and Byzantine application of bylaws and rules we have come to know so well from the present Ben Franklin Club.

Deborah Wallace

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Deborah Wallace,