It's 'Operation Good Trouble'


To the editor:

Regarding the upcoming 2024 presidential election, there is no mystery as to whom the Democratic nominee will be. The 2024 Democratic presidential candidate will either be the incumbent President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris, if Biden eventually retires after one term.

Biden turned 79 on Nov. 20. If Biden decides to stand for a second four-year term in 2024, he will have earned that opportunity. President Biden definitely deserves to be re-elected.

Vice President Harris also will have earned her potential path to the presidency. California’s Kamala Harris would be an outstanding standard-bearer for the Democratic Party, either in 2024 or in 2028, if Biden runs again in 2024.

The bottom line here is that a potentially contested Democratic presidential primary in 2024 would not last long. Therefore, it would make no sense for most Democratic voters to waste their time, money and political efforts in 2024 on the Democratic presidential primary process, for which the conclusion is foregone. Other options exist.

I’m sure many of you remember right-wing racist Republican radio reject Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” during 2008 when Limbaugh demanded his dittoheads cross over into Democratic primary territory and vote for Hillary Clinton, instead of for the frontrunner Barack Obama, in order to lengthen the expensive primary process.

Contrary to the current continuous conservative corporate political propaganda passing as “news,” the Republican Party, in fact, has never been weaker than it is at the present moment. The GOP is ready for the taking, Democrats! There are many more of us than there are of them. Make it happen.

All we need to do in 2024 to successfully sabotage the Republican Party is to lose our Democratic voter registration status and re-register as Republicans by the millions nationwide in order to put ourselves in position of being able to pick the GOP’s next presidential candidate for them. Or, failing that, let’s have fun making a mess of things.

Here’s another easy prediction for 2024: Donald Trump and Mike Pence will face off against each other for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, which will involve these two political and personal enemies tearing each other’s faces off rhetorically — and possibly literally, if things get too far out of hand — which is where we come in.

• Millions of Democratic and left-leaning independent voters should temporarily re-register to vote as Republicans so we can put Mike Pence over the top in the electorally significant states — which are the large blue states, for the most part — or at least smack the orange spray tan off Trump’s foolish face in the attempt.

• Even if we patriotic “former” Democrats and independents fail in our effort to make Mike Pence the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2024, the truly obscene amount of financial bloodletting that would take place between the Trump and Pence campaigns would bankrupt them both.

Best of luck winning while broke!

• Since this is 2024 that we’re talking about, there will be no need whatsoever to show up in-person to GOP COVID-19 campaign superspreader events, or become involved in local loony Republican Party sectarian squabbles. “Former” Democrats and independents can pull this historical heist off almost entirely by online means, and by using the GOP’s extensive over-the-airwaves propaganda apparatus against them through infiltration and co-optation.

The best part of this political proposal — which will henceforth be known as “Operation Good Trouble” — is that the Republican Party is doomed either way, whether they nominate Trump or Pence. If the contradictions are heightened to the maximum in 2024, it will become likely that the Trump vs. Pence version of “Family Feud” will become the final nail in the fascists’ political coffin.

After Jan. 6, let’s do this. Steve Harvey can host the festivities.

Jake Pickering

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Jake Pickering,