It’s the dawn of a new day here


To the editor:

(re: “New election slate sees success down-ballot,” July 28)

When Democrats in our community went to the polls in June, they made it clear they were looking for new voices and new leadership for our party.

We would like to thank each volunteer and supporter — we could not have been successful without you. We would also like to extend our deep gratitude to each voter who was part of the process, and who put their confidence in us. We are humbled, and excited to continue the work we started during our campaign.

With women’s rights, marriage equality and the rights of marginalized groups under increasing attack, Democrats want leaders who will work to re-energize our party.

With voter turnout having decreased nearly every recent election cycle — and voter apathy afflicting many segments of our community — Democrats want leaders who will engage and welcome new voters, while fighting for our values every step of the way.

With years of in-fighting among some factions of our party, this past election has shown that Democrats in our corner of the Bronx are looking for a different approach. They want leaders who will work to unite us, and who will focus on building a stronger party for the future, rather than playing off the divisions of the past.

We promise we will continue to work to build bridges throughout our community, especially with those who did not support us in this past campaign.

As your Democratic leaders, know that we will always listen to your concerns and include you, even if we disagree.

As Democrats, we know that our diversity is our strength, and we pledge to work together to build a more just and more equitable community, city and country for all.

Each one of us is humbled and honored that Democrats in our community have chosen us to serve you. We pledge to work tirelessly to work to unite us and make a stronger Democratic Party for all.


Ramdat Singh, Abigail Martin
& Morgan Evers


The authors are the newly elected male and female district leader, and state committeewoman, respectively