It's time for all of us to exhale


To the editor:

(re: “Thank you, President Trump,” Jan. 28)

I, too, like Mr. John Canny, would wish to thank former president Trump for so many things he has accomplished.

Like at the time this letter was written, more than 500,000 Americans dead from complications of COVID-19.

Thank you for an indifference to our plight, not to mention the many millions more suffering long-term debilitating after-effects of a virus that he ignored.

Thank you. No big deal, right?

Like after making a federal case of former president Obama playing golf. Thank you, former president Trump, for spending 22 percent of your time in office playing golf instead of actually working for the American taxpayer. Add in time spent drinking Diet Coke and calling in to Fox News, well maybe he worked 10 percent of the time.

Like padding your pockets at taxpayer expense, billing us hard-working Americans $700 a night to house his Secret Service detail (per room) when comparable rates in the area were 50 percent less.

Like for letting us know that the Proud Boys and other white supremacists were “fine people,” especially after they committed murder in Charlottesville. And shot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing Jews. The work of a fine leader — not.

Like for undermining faith in government, and especially the election process. You did this so well that you managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for your supine political party in the Georgia Senate runoffs. Good work, Mr. ex-president! Please repeat again and again and again.

And like last, but not least, your attempts to overthrow the legitimately elected government of the United States. Looks like that makes you a fine upstanding patriot — of Russia.

You enlightened us Americans that it is perfectly OK to burn down the government, threaten members of congress, and murder policemen in the process.

Nothing like a good fire-up-the-base speech to take down our duly elected government. Excellent — great example for future generations.

I’d say you did a fine-enough job, we can all be so very thankful … that 55 percent of Americans said “Good riddance to bad rubbish: you.”

For you deluded others, there’s always the next round of the rigged game on the beach boardwalk, from the professional con-the carnival barker, aka Donald J. Tramp. P.T. Barnum was sure right about you: There’s a sucker born every minute.

By the way, no refunds on your contributions to him. He’s already spent them — on himself.

From all of us living in the real world — and not the Donald Trump delusional fantasy world — whew! Gone and forgotten.

Time to exhale. Thankfully.

Adam Stoler

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Adam Stoler,