It’s time to take a break


To the editor:

“I’ve packed my bags and I’m ready to” ... stay. “The world is too much with me.”

I am taking a break. You should too.

For a time, I will not be in Ukraine. Or Haiti. Or Texas. Or Taiwan. Or China. Or Russia. Or anywhere else.

It is too much. Too many tears.

I will be 79. I need to save those tears for my dear ones, and even my not-so-dear ones.

I am tired of Zoom, even Wordle, reading about children who need a “hello” on Facebook, and those wanting to be funded. All the babies and their antics. The royal family.

I don’t want to see any more murder mysteries or drug-dealing families in the Ozarks. Even the nature shows depress me with their realities of climate change and logging. 

No more (for a minute?) complaints about the many parked-there-forever cars and campers on the Henry Hudson Parkway service route, turning on the hydrant to supply themselves with fresh water. Or the dirty streets. Or the Hondas without tires. Or the 15 or so vintage cars that take up neighborhood parking.

The deaf ears of the politicians. I have had it. You do it. 

So here I am for now, on my terrace, planted with what we hope will soon morph into patio tomatoes and marigolds. Here I am on my lounge chair, looking at the Hudson River, drowning out the leaf blowers and wheelies on the street. 

Here I will be until I am not. Who was it who said “I shall return”?  I hope this “staycation” will re-energize me. The pool is opening soon, and I hope to read, write, schmooze and smile.

And write some more to The Riverdale Press.

Judith Veder