Keep our schools safe


To the editor:

(re: “Chaos in the hallways causes consternation for RKA students,” Aug. 31)

The recent story detailing the rising incidents of fighting among students at Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy is alarming.

Even worse is the need for the principal to warn parents and students against bringing guns, knives and other weapons into the school.

Since teachers are prevented from breaking up the fights, the school should require more than just one school safety officer at the entrance. Instead, several school safety officers should be visible by patrolling the hallways routinely during the course of the school day and between periods.

The idea of having police patrolling inside schools is indeed contrary to the America we want for our children. But the gun epidemic has radically changed all our lives for the worse. So we too have to change, adapt, improvise — and be prepared.

Sad to say, RKA must add metal detectors and more guards ASAP to make the students and staff feel as safe as possible

It is time for our local political leaders to step up, show some spine, and support these common sense measures, even though they may not be politically correct.

Steve Reich

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