Keep the kids home


To the editor:

(re: “Countless questions, few answers as schools eye reopen,” July 16)

The hybrid model of one to three school days planned for the fall puts everyone at some risk for COVID-19, and doesn’t allow the parents of young children to go to work. Scheduling gets very complicated, with parents allowed to opt out and keep some children home.

Why not turn high school buildings over to the lower grades? With the additional space, elementary and middle school students can come in every day, and their parents can go to work.

These are the students most at risk for having their academic careers jeopardized by interrupted education in reading and math, not to mention socialization.

High school staff members can double-down on their efforts to provide a sound education for their students remotely. High school students’ younger siblings won’t be home to distract them. Their parents can go to work.

This might be for the beginning of the academic year only. Until there’s a vaccine or no COVID-19 in the community, or we’ve made our schools safe enough to have all students in every day.

Valerie Kaufman

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Valerie Kaufman,