Maybe dogs should have vote?


To the editor:

Never trust a person who doesn’t like dogs. Pet lovers know that a person’s attitude toward dogs reveals something about their character.

During this political campaign season, local Bronx residents are deciding who has the characteristics, skills and temperament to be our next city council member and replace Andy Cohen.

While I am a longtime local resident — born and raised — and Bronx community divorce and family lawyer (and not a psychologist), it is my belief that a candidate’s attitude toward dogs could help us evaluate a leader’s character, and getting my vote without needing a detailed biography or assessment of their policy proposals.

It is enough to show that a candidate is barking up the wrong position.

While Jessica Haller prides herself as a climate activist, tech entrepreneur, and working mom of four, she is not the right candidate to represent this city council district, which includes the Bronx neighborhoods of Bedford Park, Kingsbridge, Norwood, Riverdale, Van Cortlandt Village, Wakefield and Woodlawn.

I’m really concerned about what would happen if she was elected to city council. As a member of the board of directors at 3720 Homes Inc. — and I believe vice chair — she sued to evict my parents for more than five years over my visiting dog Rocky, a 4-pound Maltese toy boy dog. Check out 3720 Homes Inc. v. Hymans — we won the dogfight.

Rocky knew Haller as “Ms. Oh Oh.” He would immediately put his head down in his pink pet stroller. I can only imagine what she will do to shatter glass ceilings to other Bronx local residents if elected to city council.

Simply put, she should take her master’s degree in public policy focused on climate change and use it in an appropriate position.

As a dog owner, I am not going to support Jessica Haller.

Among the Democratic frontrunners, Eric Dinowitz loves dogs. Pet lovers should vote for Eric Dinowitz on March 23.

Julie Hyman

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Julie Hyman,