Meet typical Trump supporter


To the editor:

A reportedly pro-Trump white supremacist partisan Republican fan of Fox News from Grover, North Carolina, was said to have drove his mud-caked pickup truck up onto the sidewalk of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 19, where he parked for five hours.

All the while it was reported he filmed himself on Facebook, live-streaming his right-wing political bomb threats against President Biden, Democrats and District of Columbia residents, including this pro-Trump terrorist filming his apparently inert, improvised explosive devices all on Facebook for any cross-burning QAnon crackpot to copy.

For some reason, this 49-year-old alleged attempted bomber by the name of Floyd Ray Roseberry seemed to individually personify traitor Trump’s political base as it’s become known generally: A violent, racist, low-IQ, neo-Confederate numbskull who is completely out of touch with reality, and is in desperate need of psychiatric medication. Much like the deranged and delusional dimwit Donald Trump himself.

I don’t know if it was the brain-damaged sounding, slow Southern drawl with which this person spoke, or if it was Mr. Roseberry’s bulbous shaved head and unnecessarily large pickup truck with unnecessarily large tires — but if one were to hypothetically look up a picture of the average Trump supporter in the dictionary, a photo of Floyd the barber from Mayberry — I mean, Grover — North Carolina is surely what one would find.

And as far as Floyd’s idiotic insistence life on Facebook that “the south shall rise again,” please! I’ve watched “Gone With the Wind” too, but if you’re actually taking your American history lessons from a pro-Confederacy, pro-slavery cinematic crapfest that was so racist — even for its time — that it actually portrayed Black folks as happy to be enslaved, well then you’re probably too racist and clueless to be cognizant at all.

Speaking of clueless racists, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently contracted COVID-19 after spending the past several months issuing dictatorial edicts from the governor’s mansion in Austin against local mask mandates, and blocking other necessary public health safety measures, instead of repairing Texas’ broken power grid before the upcoming winter.

Hopeless, hapless Gov. Abbott and his pro-Russian Republican comrade from Canada, Rafael “Ted” Cruz, should both plan on making another mid-winter escape to Cancun in the midst of what is sure to be another disastrously deadly power grid shutdown season in Texas.

Both Gov. Abbott and Sen. Cancun Cruz will no doubt continue to complain about law schools teaching “critical race theory” as a manufactured distraction from their own personal political corruption, and their continuing criminal negligence.

Jake Pickering

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Jake Pickering,