Mino Lora shows up for us


To the editor:

North Bronx Racial Justice and Bronx Climate Justice North wholeheartedly endorse Mino Lora for city council in District 11.

As leaders in the northwest Bronx, we’re delighted to have a city council candidate we can wholeheartedly support. And we’re far from alone: State Sens. Alessandra Biaggi and Gustavo Rivera, Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou, council members Jimmy Van Bramer and Brad Lander, as well as former gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout all enthusiastically support Mino.

So do The Jewish Vote and the Latino Victory Fund, as well as Unite Here, the Communications Workers of America, Citizen Action, Working Families Party, Progressive Women of New York, Downtown Women for Change, and NYC Kids PAC. Also the New York Immigrants Coalition Immigrants Action, the No-IDCNY coalition, and the El Diario/La Prensa editorial board.

Why do we support Mino? Because Mino can be trusted to represent everyone in all the neighborhoods of District 11: Riverdale, Kingsbridge, Bedford Park, Norwood, Wakefield, Woodlawn and Van Cortlandt Village. She speaks everyone’s language in the district. She has helped families and children in all our neighborhoods.

As an educator and executive director of the People’s Theatre Project, Mino has brought delight and hope to many. She’s committed to preserving and expanding women’s rights, and the rights of all workers and immigrant communities. She has lived the lives of common people, so people believe her when she says, “Essential workers and those struggling to unionize can always count on me to show up for them — siempre” — always.

She says, “Being of service, in whatever way I can, is the heart of who I am.”

Mino says that “systemic oppression and racism are built into every layer of society, and to build a better Bronx, we must take them out at the root. We deserve bold leadership, unafraid to name and take on the daily challenges we face. As your councilwoman, I’m committed to progressive legislative and budget priorities that reflect the resilience and values of District 11.

“We don’t ask for our basic human rights. We demand them.”

Top items for Mino are education justice, against segregation and underfunding. Housing justice to assure affordable housing and basic security at home. Economic justice, removing obstacles to employment, protecting small businesses, and creating good jobs. Immigrant justice to protect against federal actions that hurt all of us.

Transportation justice so that all New York City neighborhoods will have modern, accessible and affordable mass transit. And criminal justice reform, shifting billions of dollars away from the New York Police Department and into our public schools, health care, and recreational programs for youth.

We need Mino Lora to represent us in the city council, and both North Bronx Racial Justice and Bronx Climate Justice North are proud to stand with her.

Jerry Goodman
Mimi Goodman

The authors are members of North Bronx Racial Justice and Bronx Climate Justice North.

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