More endorsements for Jamaal Bowman


Jamaal Bowman is picking up more endorsements as he works to challenge Eliot Engel for his congressional seat.

The Westchester County school administrator picked up endorsements from both the Center for Popular Democracy Action and the New York Progressive Action Network.

The CPDA is a network of more than 50 progressive community organizations that endeavor to expand the voice of workers, communities of color, and immigrants on issues of economic and racial justice.

“We are in an important moment in our democracy,” said Jennifer Epps-Addison, co-executive director and network president of the CPDA, in a release. “We care as much about the person who sits at the highest office in this country as we do about those in congress who will work day-in and day-out to secure better lives for our communities.”

The state progressive action network, also known as NYPAN, advocates for progressive causes and policies.

“His campaign embodies everything we have been fighting for,” said George Albro, NYPAN’s downstate co-chair, in a release. That includes “saving the planet, peace and fairness to all parties in the Middle East, criminal justice, and most importantly, having a congressional representative who fights for all the people of the 16th District, not just rich donors and war profiteers.

“We look forward to joining Jamaal’s historic campaign. His victory will be our victory.”

Although Bowman has collected a number of endorsements since announcing his run last year, he still has a ways to go in terms of fundraising.

Through his most recent filing, Bowman has raised a little more than $354,000, according to the Federal Election Commission. That’s ahead of his closest challenger, Andom Ghebreghiorgis, who has pulled in just under $89,000 to this point.

However, both are well behind the incumbent Engel, who  has collected checks totaling $1.9 million, and only spending about half of it so far.


IDC past haunts Carlucci in House race

Congressional District 17 is a little bit to the north of us, but the race there to succeed U.S. Rep. Nita Lowey might be hitting a little bit close to home.

Grassroots opposition has mounted against one Democratic candidate running for the seat, state Sen. David Carlucci, If that name seems familiar, it should.

Carlucci was part of the senate’s infamous Independent Democratic Conference, led by state Sen. Jeffrey Klein, who ran as Democrats, but then caucused with Republicans to help that party retain power of the upper chamber.

Carlucci was one of the few members of the old IDC that survived the purge. Klein himself was topped by Alessandra Biaggi, running primarily on an anti-IDC ticket.

But it seems a number of political groups in Westchester and Rockland counties won’t forget Carlucci’s past, and don’t want him to succeed Lowey.

“As a founder and former officer of the IDC, Carlucci was instrumental in handing control of the state body to the Republican Party despite the fact that the Democrats held the numerical majority,” said activist Greg Julian, in a release. “By empowering the Republicans, numerous Democratic bills died in committee despite having overwhelming support by the broader Democratic Party. In exchange for his allegiance to the IDC, Mr. Carlucci received lucrative stipends, a chairmanship, and a hefty war chest of big money campaign contributions.”

Carlucci is well behind in fundraising for the congressional seat, picking up just $159,000 so far, according to the Federal Elections Commission. Assemblyman David Buchwald has picked up $543,000 so far. But he’s trailing Republican Josh Eisen, who has raised just under $584,000.