Nabe house campus trashed by vandals


The staff members from the Riverdale Neighborhood House made an unpleasant discovery the morning of Feb. 9.

Someone reportedly snuck onto the 5521 Mosholu Ave., grounds the night before causing havoc.

The door to the center’s maintenance room was forced open, police said. The fire extinguishers were removed, possibly used to vandalize the property, and were found lying on the ground outside.

Windows in a campus shed were shattered, police said, and there were signs someone tried to drag a milk crate outside.

Detectives found the center’s basketball hoop and backboard broken. The perps spray-painted graffiti all around the property.

Oddly, nothing was missing, according to the police report.

The 50th Precinct’s evidence team responded to collect fingerprints of the ne’er-do-wells.


Double-parked is double-vexed

Lots of people double-park. If you just need a sandwich or a shovel, parking the car three blocks away is ridiculous. But you’ll get in trouble for it if you’re caught. Usually it’s the traffic police who hand you a ticket you can’t afford. Sometimes it’s punishment in a different form.

A 30-year-old man double-parked his 2018 Toyota RAV4 in front of Hill Bistro at 3539 Riverdale Ave., shortly after 8 p.m. on Feb. 8, police said. He was just dropping some things off, but returned to his vehicle only to find someone had purloined his stuff.

He told police someone slipped inside and took his driver’s license, green card, Social Security card, and three credit cards.

Officers are still investigating.