Need more benches


To the editor:

I am a 91-year-old resident of Riverdale for the past 55 years. 

I have complained many times to our congressmen about the woeful lack of benches in our neighborhood to no avail. I live on West 239th Street, and the walk to Johnson or Riverdale avenues is becoming impossible because there is not one place to sit and rest on the way. 

The lack of benches is not only an affront to Riverdale residents, but a public health issue.

I speak for myself and the community of elders here who have paid taxes and shopped locally for decades. I recently returned from a trip to Israel and am amazed at the fact that there are benches literally every block.

Why can’t we have the same convenience for our citizens?

Sonia Kam

Sonia Kam, West 239th Street, Johnson Avenue, Riverdale Avenue, benches