No more tiger — or lion — kings


To the editor:

Across the country, privately owned tigers, lions and other big cats are kept in captivity and used for entertainment purposes like cub petting and handling for selfies. The cubs are only valuable for a short period of time, after which they become expensive to maintain and feed, and are often sold to roadside zoos, which fail to provide the proper care they need. These big cats suffer tremendously, and it is time to end this abuse. There is currently a bill in Congress called the Big Cat Public Safety Act (HR 263) that would prohibit public contact with big cats, ending the cruel cub-petting industry that disposes of these cubs when they are too big to be easily handled. This would reduce the constantly demanded infant cubs, thus lowering the number of big cats who are living in inhumane conditions at private menageries and as pets. This important legislation also protects public safety and the well-being of our brave first responders. I strongly urge everyone to contact U.S. Rep. Jamaal Bowman to ask him to please cosponsor the Big Cat Public Safety Act so that these big cats can receive the treatment they deserve.

Christina DeRespiris