No respect for fallen heroes


To the editor:

When our writing circle met recently just a couple of days past Election Day, I thought it would be great to get some closure by reflecting on our respective post-election emotions.

I feared — but didn’t know for sure then — that “45” and his flock of Republican enablers would be attempting a coup one week later. Unfortunately, this has come to pass.

Our country now faces one of the gravest threats to democracy in its history. The threat of fascism is no longer one of hyperbole, but is instead now palpable and eerily real to many of us.

As I write this, Trump is doing a photo-op at Arlington Cemetery for Veterans Day. He’s saluting the brave souls he so recently referred to as “suckers and losers.”

As he tries to undermine the most basic tenets of our democracy, he rails against “Antifa.” Little does he understand that the true heroes of anti-fascist struggle lie buried here.

I hope their brave spirits can somehow haunt and torment Capt. Bone Spurs for the rest of his days, if not all eternity.

Silvia Blumenfeld

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Silvia Blumenfeld,