Non-model citizens take model phones


Most people use the phones on display in a tech store to check out the newest models, maybe take some selfies for notoriety, and kill time waiting for the next salesperson to free up.

But in the early evening hours of Dec. 3, two men reportedly went a little farther than that at the T-Mobile store at 5670 Riverdale Ave.

Police said the men entered the North Riverdale store just after 4 p.m., telling both shoppers and employees not to move or make any phone calls. While one cut the cables to display phones near the front entrance of the store, the other kept his hand in his pocket, telling everyone “not to move, and nobody gets hurt,” according to police.

The men reportedly made off with different iPhone models and an LG Aristo, all valued at a little more than $5,000.

The police are looking for two black men, one about 5-foot-10, and the other 5-foot-8 with straight hair.

Riverdale’s own jewel thief

A woman living in an apartment on the 5000 block of Fieldston Road returned home on the night of Dec. 2 to find she was missing several of her most valuable possessions.

Police said a burglar scaled the woman’s fire escape sometime between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m., that day, taking rings, earrings, a watch, and a video camera, among other items. In all, the stolen property was valued at $11,500 by police.

Detectives are still investigating, but there’s not much to go on, because there simply were no witnesses.

Woman loses her grocery money

A Key Food shopper helped himself to more than just groceries on Dec. 1.

The man reportedly reached into a woman’s purse at the West 235th Street store, taking her wallet for himself. Inside were a credit card, driver’s license, and Chase bank card.

Video cameras at the Key Food didn’t catch anything, the store manager told police, but the investigation continues.

Need a gift idea? Try Honda tires

A Riverdale driver found himself unable to make his way out of the neighborhood on the morning of Dec. 2, because someone took off with his tires.

The 28-year-old left his 2018 Honda Accord parked at West 254th Street and Broadway overnight, returning the next morning at 11 to find his car up on blocks and all four tires gone.

Aside from the missing tires, nothing else on the car was damaged, police said, and nothing had been stolen from inside the vehicle.

There were no witnesses, but the investigation is continuing.

‘Roid rage much?

People who lift are pretty intense. They’re always bragging about the astronomical weights they can bench press or dead lift. Maybe somebody got carried away at Astral Fitness the evening of Nov. 25 — or maybe we’re (astral) projecting.

Police said a man was at the 5500 Broadway gym at about 6:30 p.m., when a guy approached and slashed him across the face with a knife. The perp ran while the victim was still reeling from what happened, according to reports. Fortunately, he was taken to the hospital and stitched up.

Police are looking for the knife-wielding fitness enthusiast described as a white Hispanic man, 5-foot-9, and about 150 pounds.

— Heather J. Smith