NYPD was ready for Nichols’ protest


Demonstrations against police brutality unfolded last weekend in the streets of New York City after footage was released of the Jan. 7 encounter with Memphis police officers that took Tyre Nichols’ life.

New York City police commissioner Keechant Sewell ordered an increased police presence Friday afternoon while also saying in a statement that the department was “outraged at the death of Tyre Nichols in the custody of the Memphis Police Department” and calling the officers’ actions “disgraceful.”

Three people were arrested after a police vehicle was vandalized in Times Square. Police have not reported any other arrests stemming from the protests last weekend. In the 50th Precinct, although there were no reports of protests officers were preparing for them.

The footage released by the city of Memphis Friday shows them pinning Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man, to the ground and kicking him repeatedly as he called for his mother. He died from his injuries in a hospital three days later.

Mayor Eric Adams appeared live on CNN with Don Lemon Monday and said “there was a personal feeling of betrayal” when he watched the videos. He said he thought Memphis police chief Cerelyn Davis had “moved swiftly” and “acted in a very professional way.”

Five officers in the Memphis Police Department scorpion unit have been fired and were charged last Thursday with second-degree murder and kidnapping. On Monday another officer was put on administrative leave.