One-way no highway to heaven


To the editor:

(re: “One-way or highway? West 238th could get makeover,” Oct. 29)

I would like to register my objection to the West 238th Street one-way proposal.

I travel by car in both directions on that street often, and yes, coming onto Sedgwick Avenue up from West 238th is an issue because of bad visibility at the top of the hill.

But your story indicates the Bronx traffic commissioner saying there are no records of serious accidents or pedestrian fatalities on that corner.

This idea doesn’t seem well thought-out. What, then, happens to cars traveling up the hill eastbound to get onto Sedgwick? They have to go all the way past the Bailey Houses and up past two lights to first get onto Sedgwick through Fort Independence Street, and then past a third light on Sedgwick at Giles Place to get back to that spot?

That makes no sense.

Or, even worse, they have to make a left on Cannon Place and go past 3915 Orloff Ave., and then get thrown into the traffic on Van Cortlandt Avenue West with one light there, and then a second light at the big intersection at Sedgwick and Van Cortlandt West.

So you’d be adding traffic into one of the truly most dangerous and crowded intersections of the neighborhood, where there are records of accidents.

Furthermore, the two lights on that route are particularly long lights.

If visibility is an issue at that intersection at the top of the hill, then let’s look at sign and speed mitigation. Also let’s take a look at truck and van limitations to make it “cars only” or “local deliveries only.”

But to force more traffic to wait three lights or force them into the busiest street and intersection in the area and wait for two long lights? That makes no sense.

Bad idea.

Gary Axelbank

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Gary Axelbank,