Opinions, without name-calling


To the editor:

(re: “Take the political nicety gloves off,” May 5)

In describing those who do not agree with the views of the Democratic Party, Mr. Mel Gurtov in his letter to the editor used the following terms: traitor, treasonous, co-conspirators, seditionists, bullies, bigots, anti-American, criminal, racist, homophobic and outliers.

Part of the tragedy of these comments is that they come from a former university professor of political science. This is the type of so-called “objective” education the youth of America is receiving. It is hate-filled and debasing rhetoric.

The Democratic Party has been, for many years, insinuating that people who do not think as they do are stupid, or possess the other traits indicated by Mr. Gurtov.

This was particularly evident in the second presidential election of George W. Bush, when the Democratic Party and its media backers strongly implied that anyone who supported Bush was stupid. People do not like being called stupid. Consequently, Bush coasted to a significant victory in both the popular and electoral vote.

The other part of the tragedy of Mr. Gurtov’s comments was that The Riverdale Press opted to publish such a disparaging tirade of what constitutes baseless and disrespectful opinion, and does not in any sense fall under the heading of political discourse.

If these comments are published, I cringe at the thought of the headline they will be under.

George Silos