Park is sod awful


To the editor:

(re: “Neighbors: Hudson Park needs help despite construction,” Aug. 22)

In response to this recent story from Kirstyn Brendlen, a flurry of work was immediately initiated. The results are extremely disappointing.

The long-awaited renovation of Henry Hudson Park is coming to completion. The handball and basketball courts are in mint condition, and are ready for the community to enjoy.

However, the landscaping is less than impressive, to put it bluntly. Limited amounts of sod have been poorly distributed. It replaces the grass that was inexplicably dug up by the contractors. These ribbons of sod are now bordered by uncut and invasive weeds. This nullifies any restorative or beautifying effect.

In the end, the expensive sod simply accentuates the previous destruction.

The temporary black tarp — meant to keep the mud out of Paul’s Park children’s playground during downpours — is temporary no more. Neither sod nor grass has been put down to restrain the mud. Workers have told us that they will not be removing this unsightly and ineffectual device.

The sidewalk bordering Independence Avenue has been totally neglected, leaving the wildly overgrown weeds and poison ivy to spill onto the sidewalk.

When questioned about the incomplete state of the job, the working crew responded that they were following the plans, and this is what the parks department told them they wanted. Periodic outreach to local politicians has been met with no response beyond suggestions to make 311 complaints.

With thousands of dollars now spent on sod, we hope that the parks department will bother to water it, and yes, mow this new, expensive lawn.

With all the tax dollars spent on this $2.5 million renovation, is this what we get for our money?

Miriam Gomez


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Miriam Gomez,