Pazmino gets dirty in city council race


After two crowded races within months of each other earlier this year, Eric Dinowitz has just one opponent in front of him in November’s general election to keep his city council seat for another two years. And it’s a name he definitely recognizes, even if that opponent’s tactics are new.

Kevin Pazmino was one of six candidates seeking the seat once held by Andrew Cohen during a special election last spring, touting his conservative credentials as a “breath of fresh air” in a region that is heavily Democratic.

Pazmino finished fifth in that race with just 2 percent of the vote, but he refuses to give up on the seat, challenging Dinowitz as a Republican.

Yet while the special election race seemed quite civil, Pazmino has apparently pulled off the gloves for the general election, going after not only the councilman, but also his father — Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz — as well.

The state lawmaker took to Twitter last week touting an Assembly bill he co-authored intended to curb the rise in counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards, calling such a practice “dangerous.”

Pazmino immediately replied to the Assemblyman, saying it was “another reason why I am running against your puppet (expletive) son,” adding hashtags commonly used on social media by those opposed to vaccination mandates.

The elder Dinowitz took the first swing at Pazmino, calling him an “apparent anti-vaxxer who believes people should be allowed to use and distribute counterfeit vaccination cards.”

Dinowitz’s son joined in soon after, posting a meme featuring the character Ferris Bueller from the 1986 comedy “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” with the text “you’re still here?”

Pazmino then called himself a “puppet prince” and the younger Dinowitz not only “a joke,” but the “worst candidate in the special election. You only have your seat due to your daddy’s handlers.”

Eric Dinowitz won both a March special election and a June primary for the council seat over a number of challengers led by theatre non-profit executive Mino Lora.

He’s expected to easily win the November election, giving him a place in City Hall at least through 2023.

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