Pelosi re-election far from sure thing



Jamaal Bowman’s ascent to Congress certainly hasn’t been a quiet one.

The soon-to-be U.S. House representative was attacked by some conservative media outlets this past week after reportedly comparing capitalism to slavery.

But now there’s concern with some Democrats that he may help overthrow the party’s leadership in Washington — beginning with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Bowman joined another incoming congressional member, Missouri’s Cori Bush, on CNN’s “State of the Union” over the weekend, according to Politico. There, they were asked if they would support the re-election of Pelosi to the House leadership after they are sworn in next week.

Cori Bush told host Dana Bush she was going to have to first talk to her constituents in St. Louis to see what they wanted. Bowman appeared to follow her lead.

“You will find out when my vote is tallied,” the congressman-elect said, adding that he, too, was “organizing with our community to figure out what’s best.”

Pelosi looks to serve her fourth term as Speaker — but it’s a position not so easily retained. Democrats lost some seats in the House this past November, meaning the margin of error for Pelosi is much slimmer.

If Bowman and Bush were not to support Pelosi, who would they back? That’s also a mystery. But at least for now, one thing that is for sure is that this 117th session of Congress won’t be anything like past sessions.