Perp hauls off to break 5-0 record


The man who let himself into a U-Haul on the  200 block of West 230th Street in the late-night hours of  Jan. 21 was out to break a 50th Precinct record for number of arrests in one month.

The man entered through an open lift gate behind the building, police said. Security camera footage captured him gathering up items to sneak out with.

He stole eight boxes of packing tape, a dolly, two scanners, elastic straps, 20 locks and various other moving supplies, according to a report. Police valued the stolen property at just under $8,700.

Detectives identified the man using camera images, and arrested him. Police said he is a repeat offender who had been arrested 17 other times in January alone.

Dude, where’s my car?

Sometimes, if you’re not quick, life can roll on without you. Sometimes, it’s rolling past in your own car.

Someone took a 47-year-old man’s 2017 Honda Accord parked on the 700 block of Kappock Street sometime on Jan. 23, police said. The vehicle was valued at $35,000.

Teen with gun threatens man

It might have been the middle of the afternoon, but daylight was no protection, unfortunately, for a 65-year-old man who found himself on the wrong side of a teen threatening with a weapon.

It happened on the 80th block of Van Cortlandt Park South on Jan. 23 when a teen reportedly flashed a gun at the man, telling him, “I’m going to shoot you,” according to police.

Detectives described the menacing meanie as a black male, about 4-foot-9 and weighing about 100 pounds with short black hair.