Please keep using that brain


To the editor:

(re: “Please take my brain, as well,” Nov. 25)

Kudos to Don Appel and his participation in an Alzheimer’s study.

This affliction can be more frightening than any number of diseases, including COVID-19. It’s not unusual to live in mortal terror of dementia, but it’s rare to see someone step forward in such a personal way — pre- or post-mortem.

I have one minor quibble with Don’s letter: He states that he’s done using his brain (he meant after death), and that some may feel that he’s never used it.

It’s abundantly clear from his poignant and well-reasoned letter that he certainly does use his brain.

May he have many more years of clear-headed thinking — and those in generations to come, who might benefit from his very personal generosity.

Gary Dombroff

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Gary Dombroff,