Please trash these design winners


More than 23,000 trash bins can be found along New York City streets.

But thanks to a recently wrapped design competition by the city’s sanitation department, those trash bins are set for a long-overdue redesign.

Group Project — led by Colin Kelly, Brit Kleinman, Brandon Massey and Chris Glaister —  designed the winning prototype, which wowed the city’s panel of judges for what was described as its sleek aesthetic, bold recycling message and significant ergonomic improvements.

The interior liner is 50 percent lighter than the current wire mesh baskets, making it far easier for sanitation workers to empty. The liner also features eight grips for proper lifting compared to just two on the current basket, according to a release.

Group Project were among two finalists chosen to test their prototypes in various New York City neighborhoods over the course of three months. Now that a winner has been chosen, the new trash bins have already made their debut in Manhattan, replacing the existing older design along Fifth Avenue between 88th and 92nd streets.

Joining the sanitation department in leading the competition was the Van Alen Institute, the Industrial Designers Society of America, and the American Institute of Architects New York.


And the most popular baby names are ...

For yet another year, the most popular names given to the more than 114,000 babies born in New York City are Liam and Emma.

This is the third consecutive year that Liam has led boys names, according to the city’s health department, while it’s the second year for Emma.

Other popular names for boys included Noah, Ethan, Jacob, Aiden, David and Lucas. For girls, it was Isabella, Sophia, Mia, Olivia, Ava and Leah.

Jayden is no longer among the city’s 10 most popular names for boys, being replaced on the list by Alexander.

For the girls, it was Emily falling off the list, replaced by Amelia and Chloe.

Liam was the top name for boys in both the Bronx and Queens, while more girls were named Isabella here in this borough than any other name.