Plenty of jobs for young people


Are you a young person hoping to make a little bit of money this summer? If so, the city might have a job for you.

In fact, it has 100,000 jobs for you.

Mayor Eric Adams says he expects to open just that many positions this summer for young people between 14 and 24, coming primarily through the city’s Summer Youth Employment Program.

The 100,000 openings is the highest in the program’s 60-year history, and easily beats the previous record of 75,000.

All of it was made possible, Adams said, thanks to an additional $79 million in funding from the city council.

The youth employment program typically runs for six weeks in July and August, and is also believed to cut crime rates in the city since it limits the number of idle hands.

“We owe it to our children to give them every opportunity to thrive,” Adams said, in a release.

“This expansion will do just that.”

Some of the jobs involve New York City Housing Authority projects, working with homeless or runaways, or even those who have experienced gender-based violence.

Applications will be accepted through March 1. To learn more about the summer employment program, visit


Driks new education, mass transit reporter

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