Postal carrier earns a save on his Inwood route


While it isn’t in his job description as a United States Postal Service employee, maybe Kevin Mone of Riverdale should earn a merit badge of sorts for being a guardian angel to seniors who live alone.

The veteran carrier made the second save of his 21-year career May 9 when he saw the mail for a customer on his Inwood route was piling up. Some years ago, he responded to a call for help in an apartment building courtyard on his route. While that turned out OK, he was more afraid it was a ruse to rob him.

“The lady would always get stacks and stacks of mail,” Mone said. “I usually would ring her bell and she would come down.”

But on May 8 and 9, she didn’t respond.

“So, I knocked on her door and there was no answer,” he continued. “The second time I knocked, I started to pull away and heard some muttering. I asked for her by name. Then, I heard her say to call the police and that she had fallen and could not get up.”

Around the time he called 911, he asked the super if he had a key, and he said he didn’t. “The FDNY arrived and had trouble getting in through the door because there was so much stuff behind it,” Mone said referring to the fact she may be a hoarder.

According to a city fire department report, they received a call for a patient locked in her apartment at 12:20 p.m. on May 9. They had to force their way in and transported the patient, Barbara Peterson, to Presbyterian/Allen Pavilion Hospital.

Mone said he never found out what caused her to fall, but shared that the firefighters and EMS workers at the scene said she was dehydrated. She also told them she had been locked in her apartment for four days.

He thought Peterson was lucky to receive so much mail. Otherwise, he may never have knocked on her door.

“Most of the mail was from politicians,” he said. “She must have made a contribution to someone recently.”

Riverdale Y needs volunteers

The Riverdale Y is seeking volunteers to deliver food to homebound people, serve lunch at the older adult center, and help with administrative tasks.

Volunteering is a fun way to meet new people and create positive change in others’ lives, the Y said in a statement. “Our volunteers are the backbone of our center and provide vital services and programs to our members,” said Alexandra Nyashina, the center’s volunteer services director.


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