Racism is everywhere we look


To the editor:

(re: “Stop giving him space,” Dec. 9)

I have read every word of Alvin Gordon’s recent letter (re: “White people are victims of racism too,” Nov. 25), but I am not following what Michele Disco is saying in response. What is racist about what Mr. Gordon is saying?

Mr. Gordon cites four names I have never heard of. I remember the killing at East 187th Street in Belmont. He says they were victims of Black-on-Black crime. He goes on to cite a New York Post article. Is he lying?

Mr. Gordon goes on to state there were no loud protests about these victims. Again, were there any protests by Black Lives Matter or any other group that we are not privy to?

Mr. Gordon states George Floyd became internationally known and a martyr. Any life is precious. Mr. Floyd’s life was precious, and him losing his life is not to be diminished by whatever publicity it received, or his status as a martyr. But what is racist about what Mr. Gordon is saying?

While I do feel Mr. Gordon could have come up with the names of other organizations dedicated to social justice and their annual donations — and he could have used a nicer descriptive word than “hustlers” — is Mr. Gordon lying about the millions in donations Black Lives Matter has received?

I have to agree with what I think he is trying to say, which is some members of Black Lives Matter are “limousine liberals.”

I also disagree with Mr. Gordon calling the words uttered by unnamed individuals “crap” and “Black racist garbage.” My opinion is the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I do agree with what I am inferring him to say, that it’s perfectly all right for Blacks to speak derogatorily of whites, and it hardly causes a second glance. But if whites were to say anything derogatory about Blacks, it makes screaming headlines.

Admittedly, Mr. Gordon could feel a bit more empathy, and the letter could have been a bit more tactfully worded. But for whatever my humble opinion is worth, I agree with most of what he is saying.

Ms. Disco called Mr. Gordon’s words “racist diatribe.” What she didn’t do is come up with any specific facts to refute what Mr. Gordon said.

Nat Weiner

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Nat Weiner,