Ready for a long, cold winter


To the editor:

Well, dear editor, it has been awhile. The roosters are not in my backyard anymore. Just hens. There are now loud barking dogs. And, of course, with this beautiful autumn, leaf blowers all day. 


But I have a new project. Has anyone noticed the huge trucks, semis, on the west side service road of the Henry Hudson Parkway? Not allowed to park them overnight, but who cares and who knows that rule anyway. There are many also along the Major Deegan Expressway. 

Have you seen the campers on the eastside of the Henry Hudson service road? I have witnessed the owners using the hydrants to supply them with their water, shaking out what looks like blankets, too.

There are also the out-of-town cars, there for eternity. What about that New York City storage law? Over seven days, they should be gone. And there are now the cars — some even covered again — here and there for the season.

And of course there is the guy with his antique cars he sometimes moves from street to street, but they actually live on the streets.

My friends and I — visitors to the neighborhood and others — complain they cannot find parking. Guess why? No one moves his car. No one is punished for the rule-breaking. It’s just like those roosters. It took a year of trying — and help from The Riverdale Press — from others to get them gone. 

It can happen. We do not want “welcome to Jellystone Campgrounds” here.

I cannot stop the wars. I cannot hold the virus back. I cannot convince voters to accept my point of view. I cannot make my friends well again. 

I try. I do my part.

But perhaps these local issues can be dealt with. I ask you to join me in complaining.  Don’t tell me about it. Complain to those who make a difference, or so they say!

It will be a long cold winter, and this could be one of your productive endeavors and projects.    

Judith Veder