Reform work days for attendants


To the editor:

Home health care agencies in New York City have, for years, forced thousands of workers — mostly immigrant women of color — to work 24-hour shifts often back-to-back for up to 72 consecutive hours. It has been found that these brutaal shifts cause irreparable physical, psychological, and social damage to home care workers. They also reduce the quality of care provided to vulnerable patients.

It seems these intolerable working conditions occur only in New York City, not in other parts of the state.

Therefore, we should support Councilman Christopher Marte’s bill, the No More 24 Act, or Int. 0175-2022.

Please take a minute to write a postcard, call or email our councilman, Eric Dinowitz, to urge him to sign onto and to advocate for the No More 24 Act.

This bill would end the 24-hour work day for home attendants, mandating that all 24-hour shifts be split into two 12-hour shifts. Additionally, it would cap the maximum number of hours worked for home attendants to 50 hours per week. 

If passed into law, the No More 24 Act will not only protect workers’ health and work conditions in New York City, it would also ensure a sustainable home care industry.

By ending grueling 24-hour shift assignments, the city would make home care industry jobs more desirable for prospective workers.

John Reynolds