Rivera is part of community


To the editor:

(re: “’Twister’ politics has led to nasty campaigns,” Aug. 11)

Yes, as you state in your recent editorial, elections have turned into a fight to get elected rather than a determination by the people as to who will best serve them and address their priorities.

The question of residency is secondary, indicative of how attuned the candidate may be to the district. I would suggest that a history of active participation in the community is a better barometer.

Gustavo Rivera has this history. He worked extensively with the community he represented before new district lines were drawn — the same community that represents half the newly drawn district.

Based on his legislative record and history of local activism, there can be no question that he served his constituency well.

The Riverdale community is new to him, and he has made extensive efforts to reach out to this constituency. One only has to walk the shopping districts and consult local organizations within our community.

Can Miguelina Camilo say the same?

Barbara Kail