Say no to music fest


To the editor:

Founders Entertainment Co., seeks to relocate the three-day Governor’s Ball Music Festival to the Parade Grounds in Van Cortlandt Park — our public officials must speak up for us.

Say a loud and emphatic no to reducing to a hellish level the quality of life of those who enjoy the benefits of Van Cortlandt Park. Say no to burdening a local constituency to 18 days of park closures and removal of prized parking spaces.

Consider the overcrowding caused by the daily influx of 50,000 people, compounded with the selling of alcohol on the premise (and presence of other drugs?).

There is no lowering the volume or escaping a full day’s bombardment of loud speakers accompanied by shouts of audience participation. Consider the loss of access to the park. Extended traffic gridlock and the real possibility of unprecedented parkland destruction should not be tolerated.

Besides the train station, police monitoring would have to include rooftops and treetops. The only thing more egregious than a $150 ticket price — which guarantees the elimination of many local constituents, and spits in the face of the public good — is that any public servant would condone it.

By all means, encourage private entrepreneurship and public entertainment, but not to the detriment of local communities.


Catherine O’Brien

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