Science soccer on roll with Morgan sister act


While Elena Morgan was busy leading Bronx Science to unbeaten regular seasons and consecutive division championships as a marquee player for the Wolverines girls soccer team, sitting in the stands, watching quietly, was her younger sister, Kiele.

Kiele saw firsthand the success Elena enjoyed, both individually and with the team, wondering what it would be like to bask in such success.

“I got to see some of her games the last few seasons,” Kiele said, “so I saw how good the soccer team was, and I was like, “Wow, I really want to be a part of that.’”

So a little soccer talk between sisters back home in the Morgan house turned into a recruiting pitch from Elena for Kiele to come join her at Bronx Science. It would be the first time the two had ever played together. And with Elena leaving for college after this season, it would make for some fun family memories.

But no one, not Elena — and certainly not Kiele — saw this season coming.

Through seven games so far — seven Science victories — the Morgan sisters’ play has raised already high expectations for the Wolverines this year. Kiele came into the season unsure she would land much playing time. Instead, she has scored 12 goals in her first seven games, placing her among the top 10 in the Public School Athletic League. Elena, the do-everything senior, has notched four goals with a team-best six assists — many of them helping set up her sister.

It’s a tandem — the “Morgan-to-Morgan Connection,” as Kiele likes to call it — that could lead the Wolverines to some special places this season.

“They’re two different types of players,” Science head coach Annie Eckstein said. “One of the things I like about Elena is that she is very selfless when it comes to looking for open players, and making that pass to give someone else an opportunity to finish that ball. So even though her name is not showing up as much on the score sheet in terms of goals, she’s been right there making things happen.”

Things that often end with a Kiele Morgan goal and high-fives all around.

“It’s really fun playing with my sister,” Kiele said. “Seeing her playing with a great team made me really want to be a part of it. So knowing that I love soccer and I wanted to play in high school, this was the place for me because the program is very good. I really wanted to come here.”

With some coaxing by Elena, of course.

“She definitely came here because of me,” Elena said, with a laugh. “But she’s been really great. She’s definitely starting better than I did in my freshman year. I was an on-and-off starter in my first year. So she is definitely ahead of the game.”

The Morgan Sisters Show will be limited to just a one-year run. So both Elena and Kiele are looking to make some lasting memories over the next month or so, during which time Elena hopes to continue to be amazed by her kid sister’s offensive exploits.

“Honestly, I had never played with Kiele before, so I had no idea what her skill level was,” Elena said. “All I knew was my dad told me she was kind of good.”

Dad may need to work on his scouting reports as Kiele, with lots of help from Elena, has enjoyed a brilliant start to her Science career.

“It’s crazy. It’s really like a shock,” Kiele said. “I didn’t even think I’d be starting half the games, but here I am. And it’s a much better experience playing with Elena, especially since it’s her last year here.”

While mom and dad, Rosie and Andrew, attend and film each game, the Morgan sisters hope one of their dad’s final films this season will be of a championship celebration. One Elena and Kiele can share now, and reminisce about years from now.

“We’re kind of just in the moment, but it will definitely mean a lot more in the future when I’m not playing soccer anymore,” Elena said. “It’s great that we have this experience together. And hopefully, if we win a championship, we’d always have that.”

The sisters have no plans to print any “Morgan-to-Morgan Connection” T-shirts, but they wouldn’t mind earning one that read “2019 PSAL champions.”

And, to that end, a prediction.

“We’re beating (defending champion) Beacon, and we’re taking home the championship this year,” Elena declared. “This is my last year, so we definitely have to win it because we haven’t made it to the championship in my past three years.

“We’re hungry.”