Sisters of Charity pray for peace


Many voices were sounded over the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, and now one additional group is ready to be heard: the Sisters of Charity of New York.

The Roman Catholic nuns aren’t looking to take one political side or another, however. Instead, they just want the violence to end.

We “are called to be women of healing, sensitive to the wounds of persons and the social evils of our times,” the sisters said, in a statement. “We strive to use every means in our power to reconcile and bring into unity persons and groups who are alienated and divided. We share with others in a ministry of liberation from multiple forms of oppression and injustice.”

The sisters, who are based at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in the most northern reaches of Riverdale — and New York City — joined with more than 1,300 other Catholic sister leaders calling on the world to pray for peace.

“We are deeply concerned about the state of our country and the future of our democracy,” the sisters said. “Our hearts ached as we watched these despicable actions that threaten not only to destroy the seat of our government, but to rend the bonds that unite us.”

And unity is something the nuns hope Americans can muster as the country transitions into new national leadership.

“In our increasingly divided nation, we renew our commitment to the common good, and pledge to take up the challenge to use our energy to repair our democracy and contribute to the work of building a more perfect union,” the sisters said. “We invite all people of good will to join us, and we call on our elected leaders to point the way.”

Joe Biden was inaugurated as the nation’s 46th president last week, becoming only the second Roman Catholic president to lead from the White House after John F. Kennedy.