So, your neighborhood? Or mine?


To the editor:

I’ve enjoyed the sight of my progressive friends freaking out over border states shipping migrants to their backyards. The buses arrive daily from Texas and Arizona, heading to the port authority bus station, and quo vadis … who knows?

Hotels? Cruise ships? Your neighborhood or mine? Biden did the same, sending illegals to Westchester County Airport under the cloak of night. Not, I might add, to Delaware. Somehow we forgot that, didn’t we?

Compassion is as compassion does.

Until a homeless shelter might go up on Broadway, opposite the Van Cortlandt Park playing fields. Gasp!

New Yorkers need to get their heads straight. You think you’re virtuous and compassionate. You vote for politicians who say they’re virtuous and compassionate. Then you wind up aghast at the results, both nationally and locally.

I suggest you rethink what it means to run a safe, secure and civilized country. Which ain’t so much these days. Then vote accordingly. 

Christopher Hosford