Sunday market new town square


Editor, The Press:

On Sunday, Nov. 14, Art for Aid — Riverdale’s recycle pop-up shop at The Riverdale Y Sunday Market — sponsored an environmental awareness family activity fair.

It highlighted the activists in our Riverdale, Kingsbridge and Marble Hill communities who are involved in connecting us to the important debate about climate change that was most recently brought to a global stage with the Glasgow Climate Change Conference.

We believe that our Sunday market is also our town square, and that it is essential for us to use this marketplace to educate and encourage local folks to get involved in protecting and sustaining our planet.

We dedicate ourselves to reaching our families with growing children as the most promising way to engage a local conversation that can be carried forward over the days and months to come.

We encourage families to take an active role in engaging the institutions, schools, religious groups, governmental organizations, and social clubs and networks, to have conversations and to take actions that will move us forward as a community in the issues of providing a sustainable environment.

We celebrate The Long Shakes Band for entertaining us. Ceremony Cerebellum/Orwasher’s Bread for feeding us. Market vendors like Domingo’s Wireworks, Elaine’s Sweets, Mama D’Lunchbox, Noble’s Pies and Zamboanga Aroma for raffle prizes. And the Kiwanis Key clubs at Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy and Bronx High School of Science for their participation.

We thank The Riverdale Y and The Riverdale Press for promoting this effort, as well as Mary Stahl — a senior in the Manhattan College environmental studies program — who produced our flyer. And thank you to photographer David Haas for designing our “Think Global/Act Local” postcards.

Also coming out to share their information and stories were Bronx Climate Justice North, Bronx Jews for Climate Action, International Dark-Sky Association, the New York State Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals, the Riverdale Nature Preservancy, Stewards of Henry Hudson Park, Stewards of Ewen Park, Stewards of Brust Park, the Tibbetts Estuary Tapestry Community Art Project, and the Van Cortlandt Park Alliance.

We are so grateful to have your voices in our community. Please consider, during this holiday season, to pick one of these groups, learn about their mission, and send them a donation.

Rick Feldman

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Rick Feldman,