Thief strikes rose gold at Verizon store


If you’re going to rob a store where you were employed, it’s probably best to do whatever you can to hide your identity.

One man committing this exact crime may not have done a good enough job hiding his identity when robbing a Verizon store police say he may have formerly worked.

It took place around 6:30 p.m., on Aug 9, when a man walked into the 5909 Riverdale Ave., retail store, flashing a gun, and demanding “all of the iPhones.” He then reportedly ushered a couple of the employees to the back room where he had them open the safe and place assorted phones and tablets in a bag.

In all, police think he made off with nearly $30,000 worth of stolen electronics.

One of the victims told police he recognized the perp’s voice, saying it may have been a former employee. Cops also have camera footage of the thief fleeing the scene in a gray four-door sedan.

The thief is described as white, 25, standing 6-foot-3, and weighing 170 pounds. He was reportedly wearing a blue sweater, grey sneakers and a mask.


Baby clothes bandit gets away

Many people probably wouldn’t want to learn their baby clothes growing up were stolen. One man, however, didn’t seem to be thinking about that future embarrassment when police say he stole infant clothing from Carter’s on Aug 3.

The man perp walked into the 5550 Broadway baby clothing store around 3 in the afternoon, according to reports, putting assorted baby clothes in a bag and leaving without paying.

Police valued the stolen items at $1,700.

The man was white, about 30 years old, standing 6-foot-2, and weighing 150 pounds. He wore blue jeans and black sneakers.


A missing Dell

Someone stole a Dell laptop from the 4500 block of Manhattan College Parkway Aug. 9 between late morning and 4 p.m., according to police.

A woman reported the computer was inside a package left in her building’s mailroom after FedEx confirmed its delivery.

Police valued the laptop at $2,230.