Think about the animals


Editor, The Press:

For many people, Thanksgiving looked a little bit different last year. Lockdowns made it impossible for some to gather with their family and friends.

We are thrilled to return to a sense of normalcy this holiday season, and we hope all can enjoy extravagant feasts with their loved ones. As you plan your Thanksgiving menu, we urge you to set a humane table.

American Humane now certifies the humane treatment of nearly 1 billion farm animals, which represents 10 percent of the animals raised on the country’s farms and ranches every year.

Products bearing the American Humane Certified label signify the animals were raised under science-based standards that provide good welfare and humane environments.

Turkey is the centerpiece of nearly every American Thanksgiving table, and we are pleased to note that Butterball — the largest producer of turkey products in the United States — is an American Humane Certified producer. And since no holiday table is complete without sides and dessert, producers certified by American Humane are there to provide choices for consumers.

Because of the number of animals in the American Humane farm program, it is now easier than ever for people to find meat, poultry, dairy and eggs bearing its seal at their local retailers.

If you’re like most Americans, you care about the welfare and treatment of the animals on the country’s farms and ranches, and we believe people should be able to follow their food preference and find humanely raised products that are both safe and affordable.

Farmers and ranchers who go above and beyond to do right by the animals in their care deserve our applause and our gratitude. And if you care about animals, opting for humanely raised products is the right thing to do.

This Thanksgiving, be the best host and set a humane table.

Robin Ganzert

The author is president and chief executive of American Humane

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Robin Ganzert,