Time for a change at top


To the editor:

We know the results of the investigation — by a fellow Democrat, no less.

Alas, Attorney General Letitia James omits Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s motive in the nursing home scandal: The governor cavalierly murdered thousands of our elderly because of his ego, his obsessive micromanagement, which would not allow him to utilize help from the federal government.

Rather than place recovering COVID-19 patients on the USNS Comfort ship, or at the Javits Center — whence they were supposed to go — he sent them to spread illness death in nursing homes.

It was about displaying “heroism” by accepting no help.

His behavior, his Emmy, his book and his CNN brother, represent unabashed thuggery.

New Yorkers need a competent, decent human being in the governor’s mansion to begin to restore our state — yes, much like my former boss, George Pataki.

Yes, we need the very good man right in our own backyard: Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld,